The Foundation

Initially, Academic Masters was wholly funded by a handful of local businesses, motivated to contribute to promoting a high level of academic and music competition among our local high schools.

Over the years, it was difficult to maintain and ensure the level of funding from sponsors and benefactors to continue the same award levels for Academic Masters – then about $10,500 per year. It became impractical to expect to fund the entire competition from such a limited number of benefactors, particularly since some of the original sponsors are no longer in business.

In 2002, Mr. Alvin Spears approached retired Grants Pass teacher Burt Eikleberry about creating a foundation to sustain this extraordinary competition. The Foundation’s sole mission is to raise sustainable funding for Academic Masters and to provide support in ensuring the Competition’s future. The current members of the Foundation Board are:

Lisa Baldwin (Treasurer)GPHS English Teacher

Holly Preslar (Chairperson) Attorney and GPHS Alumnus

Ryan Nolan (Secretary) City of Cave Junction and IVHS Alumnus

Nicki Coulter RCC Social Studies Instructor and GPHS Alumnus

Heidi Marks HVHS English Teacher

Greg Patch NVHS Science Teacher

Jes Webb Business Owner and GPHS Alumnus

Dave Matheny Business Owner and HVHS Alumnus

Cynthia Harelson Certified Public Accountant

Judy Taylor Retired GPHS Administrator